WP 5: In-depth Analysis

Some of the Emerging Technologies identified to be most relevant were further analysed in Work Package 5. These in-depth analyses were carried out by experts of consortium members, with external specialists being asked for highly specific input. These analyses did not only include technical aspects, but also economic questions like future market potential. Furthermore, ethical aspects of the introduction of these novel technologies were analysed by CSSC, who also provided an “ethical helpdesk” that was consulted by all other consortium partners.

The 2nd Consultation Campaign was characterised by the parallel execution of three methods of expert involvement:

  • a workshop methodology based on the Weighted Bit Assessment Method (WBAM),
  • an adapted Disruptive Technology Assessment Game (DTAG), and
  • a scenario based method (Fraunhofer ISI).

These very different methods to assess future developments were applied in a parallel way to enable methodological comparison. The parallel execution of these methods had another advantage: The WBAM and the DTAG/SETAG (a serious gaming approach) were highly innovative and had never been tried before in the context of assessing technologies for civil security. As the risk of failure was thus inherent to both, they were combined with the well-established scenario method to ensure that, even in the worst case, input of sufficient quality could be produced for the further proceeding of the ETCETERA project.