WP 3: Identification of Alternative Technological Solutions

Work Package 3 proposed and prioritised alternative technological solutions to alleviate the Critical Dependencies identified in Work Package 2.

Before the ETCETERA project started, the types of Critical Dependencies expected were unknown. It was assumed they might be limited to an essential component from a non-European supplier, or be more complex sub-systems or systems. The nature of the Critical Dependency would also be unknown. For this reason, a flexible and multifaceted approach was used, based on the TEPID-OIL method, which was originally developed to optimise defence acquisition strategies.

The specific advantage of the TEPID-OIL method is its very broad approach that reaches far beyond just evaluating scientific and technological solutions. As the TEPID-OIL methodology stems from a military context, it was necessary to adapt it for use in civil security research planning, taking into account additional parameters.

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