WP 2: Identification of Critical Dependencies

Work Package 2 dealt with the identification of Critical Dependencies. Such Critical Dependencies arise if European industry is not self-sufficient in providing critical technologies/systems/capabilities to end-users.

To identify Critical Dependencies, the Critical Technology List obtained from Work Package 1 was checked for extra-European dependencies concerning

  • intellectual property rights (IPR, through patent analysis),
  • trade and academic restrictions (though analysis of publicly available legal texts),
  • restrictions due to high classification in dual-use technologies, and
  • economic challenges (e.g. shifting production sites, lack of specialisation in EU¬†industry, deficient research orientation, hindering or underdeveloped norms and¬†standards, failing business models).

The analysis of Critical Dependencies in security technology was a novelty in itself. As in other parts of the ETCETERA project, the analysis was performed by exploiting synergies between methods in novel ways.

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