WP 1: Identification of Critical Technologies

In the first Work Package of Strand 1 Critical Technologies were identified. The STACCATO taxonomy was used for classifying security functions and technologies in order to prepare the Critical Technologies List. This taxonomy was chosen because it not only includes the basic technology level, but also higher levels of sub-systems, systems and systems of systems. It is highly flexible and becoming a de facto standard.

Work Package 1 was planned as an iterative analysis and consultation process. In this process, background technical knowledge of the Consortium Parties was combined with input from external stakeholders including technical experts, industry, end-users, branch organisations and public bodies as needed.

The 1st Consultation Campaign was closely associated to Strand 1 “Critical Technologies” with additional relevant results being expected for Strand 2 “Emerging Technologies”. The most prominent activity within this campaign was the staging of five workshops held in five European countries in the respective languages but applying the same methodology (Parallel Workshops).

Deliverables of WP1:

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